I love weekends like this one coming up.

Tonight, I get to play a 2 hour set at Bar 236 in Prestatyn, showcasing a load of songs from the album, as well as belting out some covers by bands such as Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Mumford & Songs, Greenday and more. They are my favourite kind of gigs, I get to scream my face off, dance around, get all sweaty and put on a show far rockier than your average acoustic act. I love it. After those 2 hours I feel exhausted & worn out, my heart is beating as if I’ve just been for a run, my fingers hurt, my throat hurts – but I feel like I’ve given it my all and that’s what matters to me.

There’ve been occasions in the past where I’ve been offered gigs at pubs or clubs, by the owner who’s come to another of my gigs – and I’ve been told I can have a gig at their venue, as long as I “drop the silly shouting” or “calm it down a bit”…. surely that’s like offering an olympic runner a chance to compete in a power-walking contest? They’d finish it feeling underchallenged and pretty silly. Some people’s style is sitting down and singing quietly, and it’s what they do, they enjoy it – god only knows that I wish I could sing as softly as them sometimes, but I can’t.

So after I’ve finished dumping my lungs onto everyone via my face, I get to chill out for a bit, have a shandy, pack up and hit the road – I sleep like a baby after my gigs. What makes it better on weekends like this, is knowing that when I wake up, I get to do it all again on Saturday. Castell Beat festival in Rhuddlan has asked me to play on a bill full of some fantastic local musicians, all individual in their own right – so by 5:30 on Saturday I’ll be doing it all again; only for 45 minutes this time, but I still get to play a bunch of songs off my album, blast a couple of covers and hopefully wear myself out a little. A good weekend’s worth of gigging makes Isaac a happy boy! Hope to see some of you there 🙂