Something is wrong with the music world.

We see the Olympic ceremony touting performances from hasbeens & irritating pop drivel being described as “great british music” – so called musicians appear from nowhere with an autotuned track, with mindnumbingly empty lyrics fronting a droning wobbly computerised bassline and stock dance drumbeat, who then go on to become the “next big thing”, filling the minds of todays youngsters with the impression that that’s how it’s done, and filling us hard working, unsigned and under the radar musicians and bands with frustration and bitterness.

We’re being told how rock music is too rawkus and loud, the media constantly paints a picture of drugged up smelly yobs who listen to rock & metal music, trashing people’s property and being a bad influence, whilst constantly reminding us that the Nicki Minaj’s, the Rhiannas & the Kanye Wests of this world are what we should all be listening to. This is a fact of the modern music world, a fact which many of us have realised & dealt with, but it does mean that when gigs get cancelled for pathetic reasons, it brings that frustration and bitterness straight back home.

This weekend I was booked to perform at the Conwy Rocks River Festival, along with many other acts, most of whom are unsigned & under the radar musicians, playing real instruments, putting real work into their craft. The music however, has been cancelled – the committee of organisers blaming “Litter, unruly crowds, fighting, vomiting, undesirables & noise due to the type of music”. This is the end of 20 years of live music at the festival, because of the unwarranted stigma attached to rock music.

Of all the rock shows I’ve ever been to, heavy or not, people are there having a good time. Friendly, community spirit and shared interest are always at the heart of rock shows. Even in a seemingly violent mosh pit, people are considerate & make a point of helping people out and making sure everyone else is OK. Rock music is inspiring, it’s driving, it’s skillful and powerful… most importantly, it’s REAL.

Move on then, to a dance party, or a rave, a club, playing droning, repetitive music, and tell me that they don’t attract undesirables. I’ve seen enough of these events – there’s a plethora of drugs being taken, many of which, when mixed with alcohol, induce violence, noise, vomiting, many of the things highlighted above. I’ve seen it time and time again.

So, the short and quick of it is, that once again, the unsigned musicians and bands, working hard at their craft and simply wanting to showcase their talents are being shunned, playing gigs (if at all) for pennies compared to the million-pound industry of pop with all it’s divas and controversy.

This has really gotten my back up, it’s not just about a gig being cancelled, it’s the underlying reasons – once again smacking those of us who believe in what we do and work hard at it in the face; so I’ll finish how I started, because I know nothing will ever change.

Something is wrong with the music world.