In December 2010, Isaac recorded a cover of the Breakage Remix of Clare Maguire’s Ain’t Nobody to YouTube (see above). Clare approved this as an official response, and Tweeted Isaac with her praise of the cover. To date there are nearly 10,000 views.

Off the back of this, came an article in the Daily Post newspaper on January 13th, 2011 about Isaac, his music and the cover.

At the beginning of February 2011, the Denbighshire Free Press posted a full-page article on Isaac and his music.

Since then, the Denbighshire Free Press have regularly published dates & details of Isaac’s gigs, as well as follow-up stories of his later successes.

During this time Isaac had a demo album on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon MP3, which enjoyed moderate success, as well as thousands more hits on his YouTube channel, on both his other covers and original songs.

January 2012 – Isaac was invited to local Wrexham based radio station Calon FM, to perform a live set & interview, where he played some songs from the up and coming Projekt Noiz album, as well as this cover of Foo Fighters’ “Best of you”

February 2012 – featured Isaac as Artist of the Month, widening his fanbase & exposure further.

March 2012 – Isaac recorded his debut studio album ‘Projekt Noiz’ in his home studio, built in his girlfriend’s front room. By April 2012, the songs have been heard hundreds of times, without any promotion thus far.

April 2012 – The track ‘I’ve travelled around’ was played on the Q Radio Rock Show & Isaac is booked to play his first festival, the Conwy Rocks River Festival, as well as being considered for Green Man Festival.

February 2013 – The Sleep Sessions is written and recorded over 3 days, instantly popular among fans.

June 2013 – BBC’s “The Voice” scout Isaac to be their rock voice for the show, although Isaac declines, it managed to catapult The Sleep Sessions to the Front page of Reddit. Gaining nearly 200,000 listens in a matter of days.

July 2013 – The Reddit success sparks interest from local PR & booking agents, as well as a leading industry solicitor. More local press coverage follows this.

December 2013 – Opened up for Toby Jebson (Little Angels)

June 2014 – Opened up for Nick Oliveri (Queens of the Stone Age) who sat through and watched Isaac’s gig, and approached him afterward with good feedback.

July 2014 – Played Out of The Ashes Festival, a Rock & Metal festival as the only acoustic act among over 100 bands.

September 2014 – Opened up for Canadian Bluegrass banjo musician Darren Eedens.

October 2014 – Supported Tony Wright (Terrorvision)